Déjà vu

Friday, March 10, 2006

It was just another day at work. Was returning back at around 1.50am in the night. The weather in Delhi today has been awesome. It's been raining and the cool breeze has been doing magic for those in love. I was in the cab, talking to adarsh. We had just crossed Apollo Hospital, and were turning left to enter the Kalindi Kunj Road. Just as we took the side lane below the flyover, we noticed that there was an uptuned Maruti Alto and a few guys were trying to turn it. The car was absolutely smashed. Just by the looks of it, anyone could say that the driver wdn't have survived. The windscreen was smashed and the car was resting on the road on it's hood. We asked our driver to stop so we could help. By this time the car had already been turned back up on the road. As we went closer, we saw no one inside the car. The music system was still playing, gosh it was one hell of a music system to take that kind of an impact. The guys were busy gathering the spilt papers and other stuff. We started gathering the things too. The moment we were through all this, our first question was, who was driving? One of the guys who was busy gathering the papers n files said, ME. Whoa, no scartches, no bruises, no blood, nothing at all. The guy was clean. Me and Adarsh just stood there for a moment looking at the car and then at the guy. We asked in unison, how did it happen. He says "well, i was returning from work, my eyes just closed for a moment, and before I knew it, the car was on the pipes". (There was actually a row of big huge water pipes, those made of cement, kept on the side of the road). The car had already lifted from one side before the driver could avoid the collision. It dragged on two of its side wheels before overturning.

Shucks, I don't get it. I know some of my atheistic friends may just say that it was sheer coincidence or Luck. I dunno guys but the first thing we did was look heavenwards. I'm an atheist myself, but hey, things like these shake you up and remind you to think once again, don't they. It could happen to any one of us, any day. We all work late, feel sleepy. Things like these have become a common sight on the Mehrauli Gurgaon road. Almost every other day I see overturned cabs or smashed in to a tree.

The other guys who were helping this chap were drunk themselves but offered to help, so did we. The Alto guy stays in Jasola, which aint too far from my place. I offered to drop him to his house from where he could come back later to pick up his car. But he was resolute, he cdn't leave his car behind. He actually had too many papers and other stuff. He said he stays with his wife and children and that he wdn't be able to get any help. None of his friends could come at this time too. We tried looking for a rope or somehting to tow his car but cdn't find any. I tried hitchiking a few passerby's. One guy stopped. Although he said he didn't have any rope on him, but he did step out of the car to take a look. It turned out that he was a freind of the Alto guy. They decided to get something to tow the car. And there they went off. I just stayed back for a few seconds to take a last look at that car.

On our way back to my place, both me and Adarsh just couldn't think of anything to say but wonder at what we had just seen. GOD, it's a miracle that the guy was absolutely safe. THANK GOD.

Be safe guys, don't work too late and please don't let your eyelids drop while on the road.

God Bless...


At 9:40 PM, Blogger Adarsh said...

Yup...exactly what we saw.... even the thought of it send your mind into a swirl and all the hullabaloo ab't "Man Making his Own Destiny" vanishes........

There is something that is keeping an eye on us all the time...

At 10:49 PM, Blogger ~Chiaroscuro~ said...

As they say, 'Jaako raakhe saiyan, maar sake naa koi'. Or could be a coincidence. No one can deny that.

But if you described it right, I bet it mustv been a close shave.


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