Déjà vu

Saturday, February 25, 2006


It's been a long day and night is nighing fast,
Throughout the day various things occupy my mind,
But as the world's light giving lamp takes its leave for the day,
My mind starts walking down the memory lane.

My heart sinks once again, to delve on the memory of one,
whom I am no longer one with.
That Fayre mayde wo had taken away my heart at the first sight.

Time and again , my eyes seek her,
Time and again I realize she's just a blur,
The memories she has left behind are hard to forget,
Her thoughts still linger in my head.

A question comes to my mind, would she be thinking of me,
I try hard to imagine, but there is nothing to see.
My heart cries out for her, but there are no tears in my eyes.
The moments with her were like god's blessings,
That he gave to me for my good doings.

Days go by and weeks go by,
And the only thing that I can do is give out a sigh.
A sigh of pain that longs to see her,
A wish of the heart to touch her.

Why do I feel alone today,
When all the roads lead only one way.
The way that points to loneliness,
Without any hope of togetherness.

My friends tell me, may be you were not meant to be,
But why is it that I can't see.
Just the thought of us apart could rip my heart,
And look where I am today.

Walking along that only way, I pray to the almighty,
Listen to your humble subjects prayer,
Help her to make this world through,
And the only message I have for her,
Is that I love you, and I will always remember you.

Love you...


At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep walking.. maybe she's right down the corner of that memory lane.. Whose this girl anyways, must be one unlucky person...or rather one lucky thing that touched you!!

At 11:43 PM, Blogger Just me said...

Her name..now that's dificult to say...IIMAditi. That's how she likes to call herself..I dunno abt her luck but I sure am one hell of a lucky guy to have had her at one time...

U never write ur name...won ask. Thanks for ur warm words. Keep checking this page.

At 4:13 AM, Blogger ~Chiaroscuro~ said...

Gosh, didnt know you possessed the power of poetry!
Very well written. But really really sad.
Cheer up now, will ya?


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