Déjà vu

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Purani Jeans

A few days back, i was going through my phone book and came across the phone number of a very old friend from school. His name is Saurabh Bhattacharya. We studied together form class 9 till 12. He used to be my best buddy but we kinda lost touch after I left Jabalpur. So, i decided to call up his home in Jbp and talk to him. Aunty was elated when she heard my name and started asking all sorts of questions about my whereabouts. I told her all i could in brief and asked for Bhatta (nick name for my friend). I was told that he has been working here in Delhi for around a year. I got his number and called him up rt away. After an introductory gesture of abuses and salutations, we finally came down to business. I asked him where he was putting up and working etc..He is working with Flextron solutions and is staying in Gurgaon. All this happened last week monday. We decided to meet up on Sunday as we both have an off that day. We decided upon a central place for both of us, Saket. Since I was not particularly busy on Sunday i started from my place around 5. The anticipation of seeing my friend after 6 long years was killing. All the while wondering how he would look like, what would he sound like and all that. Anyhow, i reached the place and called him up.

He was at Musicland buying CD's and we met up there. Gosh, it was amazing to see him after so long. Nothing has changed about him in all these years. Just that he has grown slimmer and me otherwise :-). We hugged and stood there for a few moments staring at each other. We had never really imagined that we could meet again in a strange land like this. I had already called up Anirudh, another school mate of ours who is also in delhi and I have been in touch with him for a long time.

After the regular "how have u been and what have u been upto" we got back to discussing what we both had missed out on in all these years. I started with my long story first, college, studies, work, love life and all that. He was pretty surprised and a bit saddened by what happened regarding my Love life. Afetr my turn, he started. Man his has been a long journey. An endless list of Girlfriends, getting caught making out at home, engg.. and everything under the sun. The guy had changed, emotionally, from what i knew of him. But he is still one of my best buddies. We strolled around, talking about different things and exchanging phone numbers of all those we used to know.

Anirudh came around 6.30, late as usual. We decided to head out to JNU to grab some grub. We hade initially decided to drinik a little but then plan din't materialize. So there we were, three bikes, three guys, streaming the Delhi roads. We reached JNU and ordered and settled down at a table, ate, chatted about everything and anything. Laughung, yapping, man school days were fun. After the foodm, we decided to head out to NIFT, Anirudh's alma mater. There is a hang out joint, right in front of the campus. We arrived there around 9.15 pm and me n bhatta had to leave around 10. We sat and our stories began again. How we all were lined up in front of the principals office, when in class 12th. How Bhatta had apparently unknowingly yelled at our Maths teacher once "kaun hai be". He was sitting on the teachers chair and couldnt see the door. Atul sir suddenly stepped in and none of us could see him too. He went upto bhatta and gave him a good punch on his back, w/o turning around bhatta had yelled "Kaun hai be"..boy that was fun. Our lab practicals, boards, class 11th, we discussed and laughed about it all. Exchanging funny stories and incidents that happened in school. The hottest chicks of our class and what they were up to these days. Boy, thinking about those days, it feels like gosh, we missed so much, and now those days aint coming back. It was awesome to be back again after so long. Most of us are in touch with each other now.

I dunno guys, the feeling of nostalgia just creeps in whenever someone from the past steps in. Meeting your old friends afetr a gap of so long, talking about the fun days back in school and college. It gives one a high that is bloody good. I am looking forward to meeting these guys again, will share it with everyone.


At 4:19 AM, Anonymous Kshitij said...

Nostalgia, its such a sweet feeling, you feel like smiling and crying at the same time.
True, nothing like those school days. It was different, much more enjoyable to break rules with the discipline; teachers and stupid class monitors keeping watch all the time. College gives way too much freedom to actually spoil the fun.

Nevertheless, very well written. Keep up the good work pal!

At 11:26 AM, Blogger Just me said...

Thanks dude..jus trying to pen my days..so i can look at em some day and smile at these sweet memories...


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