Déjà vu

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pehla Nasha…

These days a friend of mine is in love, for the first time. It all started with a few ‘forwards’ that this girl used to send him. She is the same girl that my friend had a crush on while still in college. After two years of finishing college, she started sending him regular, funny forwards. One day he gathered enough courage to ask her how she was doing and the rest. Lucky for this guy she replied and soon they exchanged phone numbers. Now they talk everyday and almost every waking hours of their days. He tells me everything they talk about and it makes me wonder of my own days. Almost similarly did every thing begin for me too. Anyways, whenever I hear him talking about what happened, I feel so happy for him. These butterflies in the stomach, recalling my own past, waiting for that name to appear on the phone, or that message waiting to be read. There is desperation to call her at every free moment, a longing in the heart to hear her voice anytime that someone calls. He sees her every where, he wants to talk to her, call her and speak to her all the time. Boy, the distance that one is willing to go to for love. This guy was the last person I had ever thought could harbor such feelings, but I guess CUPID does not spare anyone. Unfortunately, for the poor soul he hasn’t proposed to her yet, is too shy and afraid. It’s fair I guess because one is always afraid of either offending someone, or maybe losing that person forever. But hey, if you feel it, say it. You never know, she might say yes today, but not tomorrow. I did warn him of all the consequences, and the bliss of all the awesome moments that may be coming his way and, I guess he is ready to take it on. He happened to meet her the other day, boy was he nervous, but the moment her met her, both knew that they compliment each other, they knew they are meant to be, she takes his breath away, and he her mind. She calls him every time while on land, he calls her every time he is awake. These cute people want to say it, hope they do, soon.

One thing is for sure though, this particular feeling that he has right now, this longing to talk, the desire to see, the want to read her messages, the creativity of the mind and heart to say beautiful things. The feeling that you know you love her, you know she likes you, you know she wants you to say it; you know she would accept it. This is the most awesome feeling one can ever have. It is THE most beautiful phase of one’s life and everyone must experience it once.

Long Live Cupid and his mysterious ways (read arrows)


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