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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Lord Bacchus

Let me give you guys a lil back ground info as to what the title means. Lord Bacchus was the Roman god of wine and intoxication. Last night, the god himself visited me for the first time, literally. There was a small party at a friends place yesterday. As usual, what happens when 15 guys get together at a bachelor pad? bring on the drinks and let the comp roar..so that was it..lots of drinks and loadsa food.

I have tasted whisky just twice before in my life. The first time was awful, but the next time, i made the drink myself and kinda got hooked on to it. So yesterday, I asked for WHISKY. The party began and all of us gathered around on the terrace, with food and drinks in the middle, everyone was in a jovial mood. The first round of drinks were served and since we had a lot to finish, the drinks were large. My first sip sent chills up my brain and made me realize that things have to stay in control. I had heard that people usually call up their loved ones and confess their love and all that sort of stories. I decided otherwise. So there it was, fun n frolic. But somehow I was there physically, but not mentally, my mind was somewhere else. Its strange that amidst all ur friends, in the middle of so much fun, your heart wanders to a different land, a different place wanting to be with someone else. I tried hard to push away the thought from my head and tried coming back to the present.

I have never been drunk in all my drinking life. Soon after the first round was served, Antakshari began. Typical to a guys night out, porn jokes and cheap songs followed. Being the ignorant in all this that i am, i jus sat their smiling at others. I finished my first drink much before others and sat waiting and gigling away. The breeze was cool but not cold, the atmosphere on the terrace was rip roaring with all the dancing and singing and yelling. It reminded me of a night at a friends place. Abantika was a friend of mine back in college and it so happened that her parents had gone out for a few days. She had invited me n a few others over to her house to have a get together. Almost the same scene, soon after we started drinking, we decided to go up on the terrace and relax in the moonlight. Leme tell u that the feeling is totally different when you are in this situation with your beloved beside you. Adrenaline pumping and heart thumping..anyhow..coming back..So there we were. I had to get back home around 10. I had already gulped down 3 rounds and was pretty much OUT, I decided that I wont have anymore. It was then that I returned my glass to the guy making the drinks and DAD called. So, i decided to leave, but till then the guy had already made me a drink and i din want to refuse. So there i was, having my last and fourth drink for the day. My max so far and the most heady i mus say. I gulped it down quickly and started to leave. It was then that I realized that My head was heavy as a stone, i could barely walk or talk staraight. I somehow managed to climb down the stairs and on my way. My friends saw me dangling on the roads and decided to send a sane guy to drop me home.

Man, the feeling of being frunk is amazing, no sense of time or place, no sense of right or wrong. The whole world seems wonderful and the high u get is unparalleled. These are the moments when one forgets his past and his future and knows nothing. The head is heavy, the voice husky, the walk disoriented and the smile gigly. You feel like saying a lot but cant, u feel like keeping quiet but cant..Lord Bacchus had done his magic on me yesterday. I managed to get back home and enter without being caught. I entered my room and switched on my comp. Checked out a few sites and read the comments on my blog, checked the mails and replied to one. so there i was, all drunk n out and still wishing to do more.

Statutory Warning: I dont advise or suggest that One should drink so much, but once in a blue moon, its ok. Just don go over the edge, know ur limits.



At 2:03 AM, Anonymous Kshitij said...

Hail Lord Bacchus!


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