Déjà vu

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pehla Nasha…

These days a friend of mine is in love, for the first time. It all started with a few ‘forwards’ that this girl used to send him. She is the same girl that my friend had a crush on while still in college. After two years of finishing college, she started sending him regular, funny forwards. One day he gathered enough courage to ask her how she was doing and the rest. Lucky for this guy she replied and soon they exchanged phone numbers. Now they talk everyday and almost every waking hours of their days. He tells me everything they talk about and it makes me wonder of my own days. Almost similarly did every thing begin for me too. Anyways, whenever I hear him talking about what happened, I feel so happy for him. These butterflies in the stomach, recalling my own past, waiting for that name to appear on the phone, or that message waiting to be read. There is desperation to call her at every free moment, a longing in the heart to hear her voice anytime that someone calls. He sees her every where, he wants to talk to her, call her and speak to her all the time. Boy, the distance that one is willing to go to for love. This guy was the last person I had ever thought could harbor such feelings, but I guess CUPID does not spare anyone. Unfortunately, for the poor soul he hasn’t proposed to her yet, is too shy and afraid. It’s fair I guess because one is always afraid of either offending someone, or maybe losing that person forever. But hey, if you feel it, say it. You never know, she might say yes today, but not tomorrow. I did warn him of all the consequences, and the bliss of all the awesome moments that may be coming his way and, I guess he is ready to take it on. He happened to meet her the other day, boy was he nervous, but the moment her met her, both knew that they compliment each other, they knew they are meant to be, she takes his breath away, and he her mind. She calls him every time while on land, he calls her every time he is awake. These cute people want to say it, hope they do, soon.

One thing is for sure though, this particular feeling that he has right now, this longing to talk, the desire to see, the want to read her messages, the creativity of the mind and heart to say beautiful things. The feeling that you know you love her, you know she likes you, you know she wants you to say it; you know she would accept it. This is the most awesome feeling one can ever have. It is THE most beautiful phase of one’s life and everyone must experience it once.

Long Live Cupid and his mysterious ways (read arrows)

Saturday, February 25, 2006


It's been a long day and night is nighing fast,
Throughout the day various things occupy my mind,
But as the world's light giving lamp takes its leave for the day,
My mind starts walking down the memory lane.

My heart sinks once again, to delve on the memory of one,
whom I am no longer one with.
That Fayre mayde wo had taken away my heart at the first sight.

Time and again , my eyes seek her,
Time and again I realize she's just a blur,
The memories she has left behind are hard to forget,
Her thoughts still linger in my head.

A question comes to my mind, would she be thinking of me,
I try hard to imagine, but there is nothing to see.
My heart cries out for her, but there are no tears in my eyes.
The moments with her were like god's blessings,
That he gave to me for my good doings.

Days go by and weeks go by,
And the only thing that I can do is give out a sigh.
A sigh of pain that longs to see her,
A wish of the heart to touch her.

Why do I feel alone today,
When all the roads lead only one way.
The way that points to loneliness,
Without any hope of togetherness.

My friends tell me, may be you were not meant to be,
But why is it that I can't see.
Just the thought of us apart could rip my heart,
And look where I am today.

Walking along that only way, I pray to the almighty,
Listen to your humble subjects prayer,
Help her to make this world through,
And the only message I have for her,
Is that I love you, and I will always remember you.

Love you...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ek Kahani...

Pehli baar jab tumhe dekha, to laga ki tum khoobsurat ho,
Pehli baar jab tumse baat ki, to laga tum pyaar ke kabil ho,
Pehli baar jab hum saath the to laga woh pal ruk jaye,
Pehli baar jab tumhe chua, toh laga ki waqt tham jaye.

Phir mulakatein badhi, pyar badha, hum tum saath the,
Pal, din, mahine, nikalte gaye aur hum saath har cheez se joojhte rahe,
Tum mere liye woh bani, jo shayad aur koi nahi ban sakta,
Tumne mere liye woh kiya jo shayad aur koi nahi kar sakta.

Mujhe yaad hai har lamha, tumhare saath guzara hua,
Mujhe rula deteeinh hain woh yaadein, jo kabhi hue the,
Jab yaad aati hain woh raatein, saath guzari hui,
Jab yaad aati hain woh baatein, ek doosre se kahi hui,
Jee karta hain, wapas un yaadon mein doob jaaoon,
Jee karta hai wapas tumhe kaash paa paoon.

Kuch lamhe the hum dono ke, jo hamesha yaad rahenge mujhe,
Woh pal the yaadgaar, jo kabhi hum bhool na payenge.
Har avsar par saath hona, har baat pe ek doosre ko pyaar karna,
Har mauke par ek doosre ke hothon se khelna,
Har baat sabse pehle ek doosre ko batana,
Yahi pyaar hai humara, jo har koi nahi paa sakta.

Aaj bhi woh din yaad hai mujhe, jab tumne wada kiya tha, hamesha saath nibhane ka,
Par aaj tum saath nahi ho, par tumse shikva nahi hai mujhe,
Shayad yeh hamari kismat thi ki tumhari zindagi mein saath na reh paye,
Shayad ye hamari khush kismati thi ki tumse kabhi pyaar kiya.

Tumse wada kiya tha maine ki hamesha tumhe chahoonga,
Aaj tum door ho to kya, tumhare liye aaj bhi jaan de doonga.
Tum khush raho, bas yahi dua hai meri,
Muskurate raho, bas yahi asha hai meri.

Sochta hoon, ek din tumhe zaroor bataoonga, ki tumhe kitna yaad kiya,
Sochta hoon, ek din tumhe apni bahon mein lekar phir se pyaar kar sakoonga,
Sochta hoon ki tum kaisi hogi, kya kar rahi hogi,
Shayad hamara bhram hai ki tumse phir kabhi mulakat hogi.

Yaad aate hain, woh pal jo saath bitayein,
Yaad aati hai woh baatein jo saalon pehle tumhe sunaye.
Yaad karne se kya hoga, jo tum saath nahi ho,
Yaad karne se kya hoga, jo tum aaj door ho,
Itni door ki pahunch bhi nahi sakta yeh pagal,
Itni door ki chahoon bhi to door kar dogi tum.

Har lamha un palon ko soch kar nikalta hain,
Har lamha tumhari yaadon mein guzarta hain,
Aaj phir woh kahani yaad aayi hai mujhe,
Jo tumne kabhi ek geet mein piro kar sunayi thi mujhe,
Woh ladki pagal thi us ladke ke liye,par usne samjha nahi,
Chala gaya ek din, par laut kar jab aya, to us ladki ne apna pyaar kisi aur ko de diya tha,
Intezaar karoonga main, us ladke ne kaha,
Chala gaya zindagi se door, apni ashayein liye.

Hum bhi khade hain unhi rahon par, jahan hum kabhi saath the,
Yaad aati hai tumhari woh phool si muskurahat, jo mere dil ki dhadkan thi,
Mohabbat hai tumse aaj bhi, isme koi dohrai nahi,
Tum saath na sahi, tumhari yaadein hi nasha hain, sach baat hai yahi.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Missing you..

Love is all around, but not mine,
I try hard to reach her, but can do nothing but pine;
I think of the time we spent together,
the moments we had, lost in each other.

Your eyes were my light, your very self my force,
your support was all I had, for my life's course;
Half of me has left with you, since you went away,
And no matter what I do, I think of you darling every day.

Love is all around, and you're not there,
to a far away distant land I gaze,
I wish I could be with you where you are,
Far away from this un-lovely race.

Not a moment goes by when I dont think of you,
Not a day passes, when I dont miss you.
You are my Love, you are my life,
Life's beauty lies in you, oh my dearest angel.

I used to dream of kissing you goodnight,
And wake you up in the morn with a kiss,
See you fret about your daily life,
and Love you even more with every passing moment.

The dream is distant now, but not my hope of you,
you tell me to move on, but my heart refuses to leave,
It would take a lifetime for another heart to weave,
Cuz the one I had was left behind with you.

I worship you like a godess, you are my Diety personified,
I treat you as a princess, cuz you're a nymph reincarnate,
I desire you as a dying man for breath, as a fish out of water for water,
I crave your touch, like its the healing touch of the holy God.

My passion is you, my worship is you,

My prayer is you and my life blood is you,

My breath is you, and my heart beat is you,

My desire is you and my dream is you.

On this Day of Valentine, I want to say I Love you,
On this day of Love, I want to tell you how much I miss you.

Love you...Forever...

Purani Jeans

A few days back, i was going through my phone book and came across the phone number of a very old friend from school. His name is Saurabh Bhattacharya. We studied together form class 9 till 12. He used to be my best buddy but we kinda lost touch after I left Jabalpur. So, i decided to call up his home in Jbp and talk to him. Aunty was elated when she heard my name and started asking all sorts of questions about my whereabouts. I told her all i could in brief and asked for Bhatta (nick name for my friend). I was told that he has been working here in Delhi for around a year. I got his number and called him up rt away. After an introductory gesture of abuses and salutations, we finally came down to business. I asked him where he was putting up and working etc..He is working with Flextron solutions and is staying in Gurgaon. All this happened last week monday. We decided to meet up on Sunday as we both have an off that day. We decided upon a central place for both of us, Saket. Since I was not particularly busy on Sunday i started from my place around 5. The anticipation of seeing my friend after 6 long years was killing. All the while wondering how he would look like, what would he sound like and all that. Anyhow, i reached the place and called him up.

He was at Musicland buying CD's and we met up there. Gosh, it was amazing to see him after so long. Nothing has changed about him in all these years. Just that he has grown slimmer and me otherwise :-). We hugged and stood there for a few moments staring at each other. We had never really imagined that we could meet again in a strange land like this. I had already called up Anirudh, another school mate of ours who is also in delhi and I have been in touch with him for a long time.

After the regular "how have u been and what have u been upto" we got back to discussing what we both had missed out on in all these years. I started with my long story first, college, studies, work, love life and all that. He was pretty surprised and a bit saddened by what happened regarding my Love life. Afetr my turn, he started. Man his has been a long journey. An endless list of Girlfriends, getting caught making out at home, engg.. and everything under the sun. The guy had changed, emotionally, from what i knew of him. But he is still one of my best buddies. We strolled around, talking about different things and exchanging phone numbers of all those we used to know.

Anirudh came around 6.30, late as usual. We decided to head out to JNU to grab some grub. We hade initially decided to drinik a little but then plan din't materialize. So there we were, three bikes, three guys, streaming the Delhi roads. We reached JNU and ordered and settled down at a table, ate, chatted about everything and anything. Laughung, yapping, man school days were fun. After the foodm, we decided to head out to NIFT, Anirudh's alma mater. There is a hang out joint, right in front of the campus. We arrived there around 9.15 pm and me n bhatta had to leave around 10. We sat and our stories began again. How we all were lined up in front of the principals office, when in class 12th. How Bhatta had apparently unknowingly yelled at our Maths teacher once "kaun hai be". He was sitting on the teachers chair and couldnt see the door. Atul sir suddenly stepped in and none of us could see him too. He went upto bhatta and gave him a good punch on his back, w/o turning around bhatta had yelled "Kaun hai be"..boy that was fun. Our lab practicals, boards, class 11th, we discussed and laughed about it all. Exchanging funny stories and incidents that happened in school. The hottest chicks of our class and what they were up to these days. Boy, thinking about those days, it feels like gosh, we missed so much, and now those days aint coming back. It was awesome to be back again after so long. Most of us are in touch with each other now.

I dunno guys, the feeling of nostalgia just creeps in whenever someone from the past steps in. Meeting your old friends afetr a gap of so long, talking about the fun days back in school and college. It gives one a high that is bloody good. I am looking forward to meeting these guys again, will share it with everyone.

The Guy In the Glass By Dale Wimbrow

This was a poem sent to me by someone very special and it really has a lot to teach. Thought of sharing it with everyone..Hope u guys like it..

When you get what you want in your struggle for pelf,
And the world makes you King for a day,
Then go to the mirror and look at yourself,
And see what that guy has to say.

For it isn't your Father, or Mother, or Wife,
Who judgement upon you must pass.
The feller whose verdict counts most in your life Is the guy staring back from the glass.

He's the feller to please, never mind all the rest,
For he's with you clear up to the end,
And you've passed your most dangerous, difficult test
If the guy in the glass is your friend.

You may be like Jack Horner and "chisel" a plum,
And think you're a wonderful guy,But the man in the glass says you're only a bum
If you can't look him straight in the eye.

You can fool the whole world down the pathway of years,
And get pats on the back as you pass,
But your final reward will be heartaches and tears
If you've cheated the guy in the glass.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Lord Bacchus

Let me give you guys a lil back ground info as to what the title means. Lord Bacchus was the Roman god of wine and intoxication. Last night, the god himself visited me for the first time, literally. There was a small party at a friends place yesterday. As usual, what happens when 15 guys get together at a bachelor pad? bring on the drinks and let the comp roar..so that was it..lots of drinks and loadsa food.

I have tasted whisky just twice before in my life. The first time was awful, but the next time, i made the drink myself and kinda got hooked on to it. So yesterday, I asked for WHISKY. The party began and all of us gathered around on the terrace, with food and drinks in the middle, everyone was in a jovial mood. The first round of drinks were served and since we had a lot to finish, the drinks were large. My first sip sent chills up my brain and made me realize that things have to stay in control. I had heard that people usually call up their loved ones and confess their love and all that sort of stories. I decided otherwise. So there it was, fun n frolic. But somehow I was there physically, but not mentally, my mind was somewhere else. Its strange that amidst all ur friends, in the middle of so much fun, your heart wanders to a different land, a different place wanting to be with someone else. I tried hard to push away the thought from my head and tried coming back to the present.

I have never been drunk in all my drinking life. Soon after the first round was served, Antakshari began. Typical to a guys night out, porn jokes and cheap songs followed. Being the ignorant in all this that i am, i jus sat their smiling at others. I finished my first drink much before others and sat waiting and gigling away. The breeze was cool but not cold, the atmosphere on the terrace was rip roaring with all the dancing and singing and yelling. It reminded me of a night at a friends place. Abantika was a friend of mine back in college and it so happened that her parents had gone out for a few days. She had invited me n a few others over to her house to have a get together. Almost the same scene, soon after we started drinking, we decided to go up on the terrace and relax in the moonlight. Leme tell u that the feeling is totally different when you are in this situation with your beloved beside you. Adrenaline pumping and heart thumping..anyhow..coming back..So there we were. I had to get back home around 10. I had already gulped down 3 rounds and was pretty much OUT, I decided that I wont have anymore. It was then that I returned my glass to the guy making the drinks and DAD called. So, i decided to leave, but till then the guy had already made me a drink and i din want to refuse. So there i was, having my last and fourth drink for the day. My max so far and the most heady i mus say. I gulped it down quickly and started to leave. It was then that I realized that My head was heavy as a stone, i could barely walk or talk staraight. I somehow managed to climb down the stairs and on my way. My friends saw me dangling on the roads and decided to send a sane guy to drop me home.

Man, the feeling of being frunk is amazing, no sense of time or place, no sense of right or wrong. The whole world seems wonderful and the high u get is unparalleled. These are the moments when one forgets his past and his future and knows nothing. The head is heavy, the voice husky, the walk disoriented and the smile gigly. You feel like saying a lot but cant, u feel like keeping quiet but cant..Lord Bacchus had done his magic on me yesterday. I managed to get back home and enter without being caught. I entered my room and switched on my comp. Checked out a few sites and read the comments on my blog, checked the mails and replied to one. so there i was, all drunk n out and still wishing to do more.

Statutory Warning: I dont advise or suggest that One should drink so much, but once in a blue moon, its ok. Just don go over the edge, know ur limits.


Friday, February 10, 2006


Well..I was just going through a few conversations that Times of India had with a few celebrities regarding what they think about Love..so i thought, hey, why don i write something of my own too..so here i am..

Someone came my way, suddenly actually. I was just sitting in my office and calling up old friends when I get to talk to the girl of my dreams. Got her no. and from that day on, things were just not the same..soon after we started going around. The feeling was amazing, its like You feel that desparateness to be with that person 24x7, you wana talk to her all night long..you love it when your eyes refuse to stay open but your heart wants to go on talking (at night when both your folks are asleep). The sudden gush of blood flowing through your heart when you hear her voice, the crave to meet her and look her in the eye and say "I Love you"..Wow..

The feeling is like a thousand angels singing, just for you, when everything goes fine and nothing else matters..friends are forgotten and food dosent taste as great without her around. You lose your sense of direction and time has no meaning. it just flows away and you just wish it had stayed.

When you are with her, the only thing you wish is that those moments never end, that time stops and cuddles us in that moment forever. The passion that you feel when you kiss for the first time, the Lips feel so smooth, so soft, like a feather, your knees go weak, and your whole world seems to spin.

Days are spent thinking about her and moments seem like years when you have to meet her. The best of the dresses come out and you love dressing up, just for her. Every day you meet seems like an occasion and everywhere you go is engraved in your memory for eternity. The first time you hold her hand, it comes as a shock, to her and to you, you dint expect to do that to her but then, what the hell, pya kiya to darna kya..rt..

All said and done, the best feeling in the world is, when you like her, she knows it that you do, and you know that she likes you too, and then when you propose to her, she says "i wana think about it" and then the dreamy wait starts, god your crazy about her and cant wait to hear from her. And then the next day, at the most unexpected hour, she calls and starts talking about general stuff. Hey what happened, what about my answer? "O.K then I gotta go" she says, you feel sad and say "O.K", just then, rt at that moment she says "I forgot to tell you something", now what "I Love you too" and the phone goes dead...Yippie..she just made your day

This is the best phase of one's life and the most amazing feeling..Try it..It can do wonders..

Hi Everyone..welcome to my world..stay in touch with this page for more on me